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At TouchTone, we believe that everyone should have fair-priced, quality, and always available telecom services. From big cities to rural communities, TouchTone's fully redundant and carrier-diverse network brings first-rate voice and data services to ILECs and Wireless providers across the U.S. under their own name and brand.

With over 25 years of continuous growth and a proven track record of delivering quality products and support, you can be certain that your customers will be getting the very best quality and reliable connectivity - no matter the location.

Personal, dedicated, and always available support

Each account is assigned a dedicated account manager, who with the help of TouchTone’s technical engineers, are involved throughout the entire process and lifespan of the solution - including transitioning from TDM to VoIP.

Let's work together to get your customers the voice and data services that they deserve!

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(with new LATAs being added monthly)


(covering 95% of the U.S.)

On-Net Rates Centers
End-Office Connections

Nationwide Reach

  • Privately held, debt-free company
  • Facilities-based carrier and reseller
  • Wholesale/white-label services provided via TouchTone's nationwide owned and operated voice and data network, and multiple Tier 1 carriers including AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink
  • Private peering arrangements with diverse Tier 1 carriers and LECs nationwide
  • Superior multi-carrier network diversity and geographic redundancy
  • Data centers in California, Colorado, New Jersey and Texas
  • In-house engineering, billing, provisioning and 24/7 business support
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Connecting customers since 1993

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Long Distance Termination

TouchTone offers simple, all-inclusive rates per minute with no additional dip fees. Tier 1 carrier direct and on-net routes available. TDM or SIP (public, private and IPsec VPN) connectivity options. Multi-layer geographic redundancy with failover and automatic call rerouting. Gateway provided.

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TouchTone provides high-quality inbound toll-free services over TouchTone's nationwide owned and operated network, as well as all Tier 1 carriers including AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink. Maintain your own RespOrg, or 3rd party RespOrg supported. Leave numbers on your native network so you can truly own and manage your customers. SIP or TDM connection available.

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Call Center Voice

On-demand, premium inbound toll-free and outbound termination can support the most scalable high volume voice customers. TouchTone's high-performing switch and redundancy capabilities can handle exceptionally large amounts of concurrent calls without sacrificing quality. TDM or SIP connection.

Woman on tablet - SD-WAN
Hosted IP PBX

TouchTone's white-label hosted IP is ready to implement under your own name and brand including customization of customer and admin Web portals. Predictable, flat-rate all inclusive pricing. No need to port local DIDs. Originate and terminate traffic on your own network, or on TouchTone’s.

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4G Connectivity

TouchTone makes it easy to add machine-to-machine technology and wireless broadband solutions to your product offering with intelligent M2M routers and SIM cards from Adtran, Cradlepoint, Cisco and other major providers.

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Dedicated Internet

With access to on-net and Tier 1 networks, TouchTone offers a variety of routing and connectivity options to deliver a cost-effective, high performing internet solution that provides your customers the speed and reliability that they demand.

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Extend your network reach instantly into new geographic areas quickly, easily, and cost efficiently. Consolidate business applications and locations onto a single private network. 1.5Mb through 10G services supported at end locations. Network monitoring services available to keep track of customer end points. Managed router available.

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TouchTone SD-WAN integrates software-defined networking, secure VPN capabilities and sophisticated firewall to efficiently and cost effectively transit data, video and voice across multiple locations. Powered by Cisco Meraki, TouchTone SD-WAN is designed to provide wholesale customers more control over internal network operations and costs by optimizing end user application performance, simplifying network management and deploying custom security policies.


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