Enterprise SIP Trunking

Easily and seamlessly replace your traditional T-1 based PSTN to a cloud-based solution while using your existing phone systems

Cut costs and simplify IT management. Integrate voice, video, & data onto a single network.

Whether you are transitioning from TDM to VoIP or simply want to cut costs, TouchTone Enterprise SIP not only provides significant cost savings and simplifies IT management, but offers failproof backup and disaster recovery to ensure that your business is running 24/7/365.

Enterprise SIP allows you to easily and seamlessly replace your traditional T-1 based PSTN to a cloud-based solution while using your existing phone systems, even legacy premises equipment and PBXs. Calls are routed through the Internet rather than the PSTN, eliminating the need for costly dedicated voice T-1/PRI circuits and the expensive telecom services that go along with them.

  • Cost Savings
    Save up to 50% over traditional phone service. SIP combines voice and data on a single network and dynamically shares call capacity across the entire enterprise, including multiple locations.
  • On-Demand Scalability
    Buy only the trunks you need. Quickly and easily to add/remove phone lines, connect new/multiple locations, and increase calling capacity.
  • Flexible
    TouchTone SIP trunking supports 1 to thousands of concurrent calls sessions (CCS). Configure your trunks based on your requirements - inbound, outbound, 2-way, single or multiple trunk groups.
  • Easy Setup and Simplified IT Management
    SIP connects to your existing PBX/IP PBX phone system and simply requires a reliable Internet connection.
  • Disaster Recovery and Automatic Call Routing
    TouchTone SIP trunking provides Tier 1 multi-carrier network diversity and geographic redundancy to ensure that your business is running 24/7/365. Calls are automatically rerouted in the event of power or Internet outage.
  • High Quality Voice
    TouchTone Enterprise SIP provides Quality of Service (QoS) SLAs with voice prioritization to ensure that you are receiving overall optimal performance and clear, reliable voice while maximizing bandwidth.
  • Unlimited or Per Minute Calling Plans
    Only purchase the trunks you need - add and/or remove trunks quickly and easily. Choose from unlimited calling or metered pay-per-minute plans.
  • Professional Installation
    TouchTone offers customers professional nationwide SIP trunk installation services to ensure that all phases of implementation are done quickly, efficiently, and without disturbing normal business operations.
  • Bring Your Own Bandwidth or Bundle Voice and Data
    Bring your own bandwidth or bundle your service for a fully integrated voice and data solution - multi-carrier T1, MPLS, and Ethernet providers available.
  • DIDs and Number Portability
    Transfer your phone numbers from another carrier to TouchTone, or choose local/enhanced DID numbers in over 26 countries.
  • Toll Free Numbers
    Inbound-only toll-free service for 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 numbers, including vanity numbers.
  • Managed Router
    Improve and streamline how your network operates. A TouchTone managed router provides a complete end-to-end solution including installation, configuration, and monitoring.
  • In-House 24/7 Support
    With in-house, U.S.-based provisioning, engineering, customer service and 24/7 Network Operations Center, you can depend on TouchTone for first-class support.
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