Digital PRI Service/PRI Trunks

Replace expensive local PRI/T1 circuits with SIP PRIs

TouchTone Digital PRI service (PRI trunks) delivers a nationwide all-digital, low cost and highly redundant voice and data solution.

Using a SIP connection, TouchTone Digital PRI service allows enterprise customers to combine their local, long distance and data requirements into one, private IP circuit to deliver a low-cost, highly efficient and all-digital voice and data solution. By providing a digital connection from your PBX to TouchTone’s nationwide MPLS network, customers improve network performance and trunking efficiency without the cost of upgrading their current phone system. Run voice, data, and video through one trunk simultaneously with ability to prioritize by traffic type.

Connect multiple locations over a private connection

Multi-location customers can securely connect and transfer data between sites with guaranteed dynamic bandwidth. TouchTone’s MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) keeps data safe and creates a secure connection between branch offices at different geographic locations.

  • Unlimited calling
    TouchTone’s Digital PRI voice service provides unlimited local inbound and outbound, long distance, and on-net/site-to-site dialing. Metered/pay per minute plans are also available.
  • High quality voice
    Receive Quality of Service (QoS) with voice prioritization to ensure optimal performance and clear, reliable voice while maximizing bandwidth.
  • On-demand flexibility
    Quickly and easily add/remove phone lines, connect new/multiple locations, and increase calling capacity by purchasing additional trunks, or in some cases just upgrading your data connection. Up to 40 channels/T1.
  • Managed IAD/router
    Improve and streamline how your network operates. A TouchTone managed router provides a complete end-to-end solution including installation, configuration, and monitoring.
  • Business continuity
    TouchTone’s Digital PRI service delivers the highest levels of disaster recovery in case of a service outage to provide superior data and voice resiliency and redundancy. TouchTone’s IP services provide strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure network performance. Multi-carrier network diversity, geographic redundancy, and automatic call routing are guaranteed to deliver high quality voice performance and reliability
  • Feature-rich
    Standard features plus advanced features may be available such as Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Call Hold, Hunt Groups, Star Codes, and Auto Attendant.
  • DIDs and number portability
    Transfer your phone numbers from another carrier to TouchTone, or choose local/enhanced DID numbers in over 26 countries.
  • Toll-free number
    U.S., Canadian and international toll free numbers available. And for customers that require 99.999% up time, TouchTone utilizes multiple carriers and combines both TDM and SIP technology to ensure both quality and guaranteed call termination.
  • Private data transfers
    Private data transfers between locations available with Service Level Agreements.
  • 24/7 in-house dedicated support
    With in-house, U.S.-based provisioning, engineering, customer service and 24/7 Network Operations Center, you can depend on TouchTone for first-class support
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