Phone Number Reputation Management

Identify and correct phone numbers mislabeled as 'Scam' or 'Spam' and prevent call blocking.

Prevent, identify, and correct phone numbers mislabeled 'Scam' or 'Spam' with Phone Number Reputation

Wireless carriers have deployed algorithms that may incorrectly display calls with improper labels such as Scam, Spam, or Fraud. Even worse, these algorithms can block your communications entirely before they ever even reach the intended call recipient. Improper labeling can negatively impact your live connection rates, ruin a customer experience, and tarnish your brand reputation.

TouchTone solves this by giving customers a comprehensive solution for phone number reputation monitoring, management, and remediation.

Protect Your Brand

Protect the reputation of your phone numbers and establishing your trust in your calling identity, which starts by vetting and registering your outbound phone numbers with TouchTone. This not only protects your calls from being blocked, but provides ongoing monitoring and a path for spam labeling correction to ensure numbers remain clean and protected by up to 99.77%.

Any remaining numbers (in the 0.03%) that could remain unprotected and become mislabeled as Scam or Spam will be identified in our monitoring and reporting dashboards so we can assist in removing the label through our appeals process.

Voice and Collaboration

Improve Identity Presentation and Phone Number Reputation

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One-Stop-Shop Solution for Success

TouchTone provides a comprehensive solution for phone number reputation monitoring, management, and remediation.

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Immediate Protection

99.77% of phone numbers are successfully protected across all three major wireless networks with registration to the platform.

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Priority Partnership

Unlike other providers, improper labels are corrected on your behalf in only 1.6 days.

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24/7 Visibility

With online portal access, customers have complete control over the reputation of their calling identity. Edit, add, or remove phone numbers, entities, and campaigns as needed.

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Ongoing Support

Ongoing communication and training on how to leverage portal features, with weekly reporting and regular health checks..

Don't let 'spam', 'scam' or fraud labels misrepresent you. Protect your phone number reputation and establish trust in calling identity with a true Number Reputation Management solution.