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Never miss a call - one number reaches you on all your devices

With dozens of features available, users have access to a robust set of collaboration tools such as voice and video calling, instant messaging, conferencing, and desktop sharing to help enhance business productivity and empower employees.

The TouchTone Collaborator app keeps you connected when you're away from your office phone, or replaces your desk phone all together. One number reaches you wherever you are and on any device.


Download the app on any smartphone or tablet.


Log in to the portal from any browser to make and receive calls (audio or video) and easily access features.

Desk Phones

For those who prefer a desk phone, TouchTone offers a variety to choose from - all delivered preconfigured - making set-up easy and hassle-free. View Phones


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Collaboration Features

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Video Calling/Conferencing

Make and receive video calls on your PC/laptop, desk phone, smartphone or tablet.

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Application and Screen Sharing

Share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, web pages and other content with your team, partners and customers from any device.

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Interactive Whiteboard

Brainstorm, plan and strategize in a single, shared and open design space - simultaneously make edits and share content as a team.

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Integrated Calling Capabilities

Access dozens of business calling features such as auto attendant, hunt groups, call queues, voicemail and call park.

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Instant Messaging and Team Chat

Send and receive messages, files, or initiate a group chat with team members to get answers quickly.

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Virtual Meeting Room

Hold a video conference (up to 25 participants) or host a webinar (up to 200 viewers). Take your meeting to a new level with features like chat, screen share, and session recording.



Voice and Productivity Features

A busy lamp field (BLF) is a light on an IP phone that tells end users when another extension within the system is in use by displaying a clear status on the phone's display.

Redirect incoming calls to another number, voicemail, or block the call all together. Call Forwarding categories include All Calls, When Busy, Do Not Disturb, No Answer, Selective Forwarding, and When Out of Service.

Route incoming calls to a group of numbers. Each number belonging to a call group will receive calls according to pre-defined distribution rules to their own direct line.

Place a call on hold, and easily move to another call and back.

Caller ID displays the name and phone number of the person calling you.

View a complete record of incoming and outgoing business phone calls, including the name of the caller, the number or extension dialed, and the time, date, and duration of the call.

Allows users to put a call on hold so that another person can pick it up on a different phone. When you “park” the call, anyone with access to the parked call can pick it up.

Provides the time and telephone number of the last received call; and also allows you to place a call back to that calling party.

Transfer calls to another telephone number (landline or cell phone), extension, or voicemail.

Receive and answer another call while you are already on the phone with another caller.

Provides employees with dedicated extensions so that callers can quickly contact a specific party. For internal calling, employees only need to dial an extension rather than a full phone number.

Your office does’t have to be restricted to your main place of business. This powerful feature allows employees to receive calls anywhere, anytime and from any device. Direct calls to another extension, another number (like a cell phone), a call queue, or a voicemail box. Calls can be configured to ring multiple phones simultaneously or in a specific order.

Any employee can use shared phones at different times while working on-premise.

Intercom calling allows users to dial an extension within the office similar to a regular call. However, instead of ringing the device will automatically answer the call.

Quickly call back the last number dialed with a push of a button.

Establish a local presence - publish a phone number with any area code regardless of where you are located.

Receive notification when you have a new message.

Provides background music for callers placed on hold.

Provides phone-to-phone live audio paging to individual IP phones or a group of phones.

The presence feature offers a way to keep track of who in the organization is online and who is unavailable.

A ring group is a group of phone numbers, extensions or physical telephones that ring together, simultaneously, when one extension number or extension is dialed.

Allows incoming calls to ring up to different numbers at the same time.

Program frequently called phone numbers.

Shows when a phone number/agent is online, away, busy or offline. Part of the collaboration features set.

Assign specific criteria for how incoming calls are delegated. For example, if you have call centers on the East and West coasts, you can have calls transferred to the East coast location until the West coast location opens.

Each line has its own voicemail box that allows callers to leave a message if the phone goes unanswered or is busy. You can also choose to receive voicemail messages as an email attachment via an audio file (.wav).

Empower developers to quickly integrate WebRTC voice and video directly into web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Add-On Features

Handle hundreds of calls, and route them to the appropriately skilled agent — regardless of location. Functions include: call logging, call monitoring, intelligent routing and distribution, web-based agent and supervisor clients, and comprehensive reporting. Call for pricing.

An auto attendant acts like a virtual assistant and greets callers and directs them to the right person or department by simply pressing a button. (For example: For Sales, press 1; For Support, press 2.)

No hardware or software to install - just simple, reliable, and secure call recording and reporting. Record and archive calls - audio or video. Learn More - Download Product Sheet

Communicate quickly, easily, and without the added expense of traveling. Depending on your needs, choose from a variety of conference call solutions from basic audio to a comprehensive collaborative platform that combines audio, video, document sharing, and reporting.

When a line goes unanswered or is currently in use, the call is automatically routed to another user/phone; or choose to ring multiple phones at the same time.

Easy setup. No phones or hardware required. Powerful integrations. Download Product Sheet.

Have a local presence for your business using international and toll-free numbers from over 75 countries. Rates vary by country.

Make it easier for customers to contact you with a toll-free number. Vanity numbers also available.

With TouchTone vFax you can quickly and easily send and receive faxes from anywhere you have Internet access - either directly from your email, through the vFax online Web Portal, or even a traditional fax machine (Fax Bridge required if using a traditional fax machine).

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